Welcome to CrazyFroggers NFT

CrazyFroggers is an NFT collection of 10,000 unique items. NFTs are “non-fungible tokens” that takes us to something unique in a specific blockchain.

Our project go beyound the main art, which already is amazing. For the CrazyFroggers NFT Collection we’re using the Polygon(MATIC) blockchain, which is more escalated than others. We think long term. It is also affordable, as one of the objectives of the CrazyFroggers NFT collection is make easy for more people to join the NFT community. We believe that by joining the NFT world, people are getting closer to cryptocurrencies in a different way. We want to use arts to make the world more descentralized.

The CrazyFroggers Arts have more than 100 “traits” fully handrawed and generated by computer, which could result in more than 80 million unique combinations, but our collection is limited to only 10,000 unique items. Some arts are rarest than others. Further on to bring value on long term we do have lots of projects revealed on the “roadmap”. When you join the CrazyFroggers community you also become a member of a club, getting access to exclusive content and being a part of amazing projects and events.

We care about the planet so for each NFT sold we will be planting a tree somewhere on the Earth. The georeference for the tree will be showed up for the NFT owner as each tree will be represented by one NFT of the CrazyFroggers collection. We also have an exclusively foundation that we will use it for other actions like that. Yes, we will figure out a way to save the nature and the animals.

The Roadmap.

On the first phase we will be releasing 1,000 positions on the whitelist and the minting will have an inital price of 10MATIC. This sale will last for 48h. Once this pre sale ends we will start preparing the trees to be planted and the next phase will begin.

The second phase will be the minting release for those who couldn’t join the whitelist. For the public sale the price will be 20MATIC. Together with we will start planting the trees. Each tree will have a reference to its respective NFT (something like a sign on it) and the georeference location of the tree will be shared with the respective NFT holder. There will be different kinds of trees — Evergreen Trees like Eucalyptus, Cycads, Palm Trees and Fruit Trees like Mango, Orange, Apple. In a near future the owners will be able to visit the tree if they want to.

To get on the third phase we have to mint 5,000 CrazyFroggers. As soon we get there the CrazyStore will be launched. All content available on the store will be exclusively for those who own at least one NFT from the CrazyFroggers NFT collection. IRL items like custom items, paintings, acessories, and the exclusive clothing collection. We already have some drops ready and I can assume it will be LIT! After this phase the fixed minting price will be 40MATIC.

On the fourth phase we will be passing 8,000 CrazyFroggers minted and one of the biggest charity of the NFT community will be created. We will open the C Foundation, with the main objective is to build a place to help street animals, injured wild animals and do nature care. Take a look into “PROJETO TAMAR” and “AMPARA ANIMAL” what they do, we want to do something like that. We will explain more details further on. Also on this phase, there will be an exclusive drop CrazyStore x ConteFoundation on our store.

When we reach the end of the minting of all 10,000 CrazyFroggers NFTs is when we will start the “moon objective”. We will be launching the CF’s Lounge — Pub n’ cocina with a private area for CrazyFroggers NFT owners. With tons of content that will unify Art and Music. This will be a revolutionary experience. We’re very early on this yet. Also at this point we will reveal two new NFT collections and new projects that we are preparing, a small spoiler here is that we got our eyes on Ethereum 2.0. This is not the last phase, it is the first phase of a new era for CrazyFroggers.

A CrazyFrogger getting upgraded in a Ethereum pool.

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